Child Support

Child support is a critical aspect of some divorce cases. At the law firm of Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C., Mitch is committed to helping you get the results you need to move past all of this and move forward with your life. Mitch is willing to work hard to meet that commitment and do what is right for you. To see if Mitch can help you regarding your child support matter, please call his office at (404) 916-7948.

Georgia Child Support Formula

Child support is essentially based on a formula. The two key figures that are entered into that formula are the income of each of the parents. Other factors that are considered are child custody arrangements, which parent covers insurance costs, which parent covers school and other costs, among other items.

Despite the formulaic nature of child support, two key areas exist that make it important to work with an experienced lawyer:

  • The first area is the accuracy of the information. A formula is only as good as the information that is entered into it. Mitch will carefully review and research to see that the data collected is completely accurate, thus leading to fair child support payments.
  • The second area is the opportunity to deviate from the child support guidelines. Since the child support formula only takes a certain amount of factors into consideration, it offers a limited amount of leeway in certain circumstances. Some examples that may be opportunities to veer away from the formula include the child’s medical condition, the inability of one of the parents to work, and additional incomes of either of the parents. Mitch will look for options to steer away from the formula to help you get a fair result.

In addition to our ability to assist with the initial child support arrangements, Mitch can help with postdivorce planning if needed through placement with financial advisors or planners.