Contempt of Orders

When an order is issued by the Court — whether regarding child custody, spousal support, or another issue — parties are expected to comply. However, many individuals refuse or fail to comply with the provisions of these various court orders. By doing so, they inconvenience those dependent on these orders — and face potentially severe consequences.

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At Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C., Mitch routinely represents people who are affected by another party’s refusal to comply with a court order. This may include:

  • A mother or father who refuses to pay child support
  • An ex-spouse who has not paid spousal support or alimony
  • A parent who is violating the of a parenting plan for visitation
  • A ex-spouse who is has not paid for court-ordered medical expenses or their share of the same
  • A ex-spouse who refuses to pay their share of extracurricular activity expenses

A Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C.,  Mitch helps his clients file the motion for contempt of court and request a hearing.  After a hearing, the individual who is violating the court order is held in contempt of court, which can result in jail.

How Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. Can Help

No matter what contempt of court issue you are dealing with, Mitch is here to provide you with competent, aggressive and respective legal services. The Courts and the State of Georgia have a vested interest in protecting those dependent on child support and spousal support, as well as the children involved. Mitch will use the law to seek the enforcement of a court order, and ultimately help you hold your ex-spouse accountable.

If your ex-spouse has violated a court order, a contempt of court motion may be appropriate. While we aim to resolve your issue out of court, we are confident in our ability to protect your interests in court.

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If you are dealing with a contempt of court, Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. can help.
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