Drug Charges

Have you been arrested on a drug charge?

If so, a strong and effective defense is essential. Through his office in Cumming, GA and throughout North Georgia, lawyer Mitchell M. McKinney assists his clients in the Atlanta area by providing a professional defense. In drug charge cases, as in all his criminal defense work, Mitch’s goal is to build the strongest and most effective defense as quickly as possible.

Mitch defends persons accused of all types of misdemeanor and felony drug charges in Georgia courts, including:

  • Minor in possession
  • Possession of marijuana and other illegal substances
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking

Representation to the Fullest.

Police and undercover detectives make mistakes and sometimes neglect legal requirements in pursuing drug cases. At Mitchell M. McKinney, PC, lawyer Mitch McKinney understands how important it is to question every aspect of your arrest. Mitch thoroughly examine police reports and every piece of evidence to make sure that the investigating officers acted reasonably and within the law. From filing motions to suppressing evidence to arguing your case in front of a jury, Mitch McKinney’s approach is designed to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Help for victims of substance abuse and addiction.

In many cases, prosecutors and judges may look favorably on proposals for the persons charged to seek rehabilitation. Mitchell M. McKinney has experience with the full range of alternative programs available in Georgia. These include:

  • Diversion
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Work release
  • Deferred adjudication

This is not eligible for everyone, but if you are willing and the prosecution will agree, Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. can seek such an outcome for you.