Injury Recovery

Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. has successfully represented numerous plaintiffs with their personal injury claims. Mitch can guide you through the process of filing suit for the pain and damages you have suffered as a result of no fault of your own. Some of the claims that Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. handles are the following: Wrongful death claims, Tractor Trailer crashes, Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall cases, and Dog Bite cases. Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. is not a personal injury law firm that takes any and all personal injury cases hoping to make a quick dollar. Quite the opposite, In fact, Mitch only takes a few of these cases a year and only after a careful review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury. That way, Mitch can concentrate fully on the client and the care/recovery that they need.

Legitimate medical malpractice claims are unique as they are quite complex and need specific attention. Because of this, Mitchell M. McKinney, P.C. works closely with other attorneys who specialize in this specific are of law in order to evaluate your case and handle it going forward.

Please call Mitch at 770-889-3653 in order to schedule your consultation.