Minor in Possession

Arrests for Minor in Possession (MIP) in Georgia may be called a number of different things. Sometimes it is referred to as Underage Possession of Alcohol or Underage Consumption of Alcohol. Regardless, the offense or crime is defined by the offender being under the age of 21 and in possession of an alcoholic beverage. A minor or juvenile in Georgia may be charged with “minor in possession” whether you are actually holding the alcohol or many times, if you are just at a party where the alcohol is present.

If you are charged with alcohol possession or consumption, and you are under 21 years of age, it can result in severe penalties including the loss of your driver’s license, counseling, probation and in extreme cases, even jail time. More importantly, the Underage Possession of Alcohol charge will show up on the minor or juvenile’s criminal history and may have negative affects on college or work opportunities. A comprehensive review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest is necessary and will be done by our office. If the charges are valid and a defense is not available to the minor in possession charge, then Mitch will work hard to keep the consequences to a minimum including the expungement of the minor or juvenile’s record.

In his over eleven years of practice, Mitch has a successful record of defending Minor in Possession, Underage Possession of Alcohol and Underage Consumption of Alcohol charges for his juvenile and minor clients. Please call the office at 404-916-7948 or email Mitch at mitch@mitchmckinney.com to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.